Married. Now what? The Nuts and Bolts of Name Change and Insurance.

Welcome back after lockdown and restrictions! Weddings are back and so are we! This is a bumper episode with not one, but two great guests!
This episode we speak to the charismatic Wayne Lennan. Wayne is a specialist in advising, creating and servicing Risk Insurance Programmes (Life Insurance, Income Protection, Keyman Insurance, Partnership Protection) for individuals, families and businesses. He is the owner of Insurance for Living located in Newcastle but servicing people Australia wide. Wayne says “I believe that my clients and their families should be able to live with the peace of mind knowing that they will be looked after financially in the event of illness, accident or death. I see myself as their personal financial life saver…”
Wayne can be contacted on 0412494243 or 02 49256125 and email him at
. Visit his website at
We also speak to the fabulous Genevieve Dennis from Easy Name Change. Gen has some interesting stats and information about changing your name and explains how her business helps couples do it… stress free! Did you know the typical bride has an average of 22 organisations to change names with? And most companies require the same repetitive information, completed on various forms, all sent to different addresses? That’s where Easy Name Change comes in!

Easy Name Change are a technology company that streamlines the process of creating custom personalised notifications for over 2,000 organisations around the world. Just select your companies and provide some brief personal information, then they’ll provide customised paperwork ready for you to sign and send. Where the customer doesn’t yet have their new name sorted they also provide the necessary forms and explain the process.

Easy Name Change quickly grew to offer personalised kits in the UK, Canada and New Zealand. In 2012 Easy Name Change launched in the USA. All programming and development is done in house and they employ a team of research assistants to keep global databases up to date.

Geneivieve can be emailed at  and her website is very helpful- visit

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