Top Five of 2020 and 2021

Hello my friends and welcome to another episode of The Wedding Wombat and the last one for the year 2021!

It has been another tough year for everyone planning their weddings and equally for all of us working in the wedding industry!

In this episode, we are looking back at the last two years and counting down the Top 5 most popular episodes and some of the wisdom from each.

To work this out, I looked at all the listener stats and downloads and divided each by the number of months to make it fair. We have had some great episodes and really interesting guests… which episodes do you think will be in the Top 5? You might be surprised. I know I was…

Enjoy this episode and have a wonderful Christmas and a safe new year. Let’s hope 2022 that is easier for weddings.

Here’s the links to my playlist with all 25 entry songs-

Here’s the link to my playlist with all 10 exit songs-

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