Celebration of New Life –

A Naming Ceremony is an alternative to a baptism that allows for flexibility in beliefs and in location of where your ceremony is held. The Naming can take any form you would like it to take from an informal backyard ceremony to a more formal naming ceremony and celebration. Regardless of how big or small, your Naming Ceremony will be a wonderful opportunity to gather family and friends to welcome your precious new addition to the family.

Inclusions in the ceremony are as varied as your imagination. Perhaps you would like to print your baby or child’s handprint or have everyone present write a wish for the child’s life to go in a love jar for their 21st birthday. Maybe you’d like to give symbolic gifts to the baby or keep the baby’s name secret until the ceremony. There are so many ways to make the ceremony special and unique and Margie is here to help you craft something that will welcome your baby in a fitting way.

Margie’s Promises for your beautiful Baby Naming Ceremony

Your child’s Baby Naming will be filled with promises you make to love and raise your precious baby- but for now, I have four promises to make with you.

  1. I promise to provide you with a professional service that will delight you and make both the ceremony preparations and the day feel special.
  2. I promise you a ceremony that reflects who you are as a family.
  3. I promise you a ceremony that is filled with the love and joy you share.
  4. I promise you a ceremony that is meaningful, memorable and magical.


Naming Ceremony                          $500

-personalised ceremony including birth/life story

-unlimited guests

-quality speaker and microphone

-ceremonial Naming Day certificate

-planning meeting

*travel fees may apply

**not available Sat afternoons

Are you a couple who I have married? Ask for a $100 discount!

Giving Back

In September, 2006, my beautiful niece was born. It was a scary time for my sister and her family as she was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and rushed to Westmead Children’s Hospital where at just days old, she was operated on and given a life-saving shunt. Hydrocephalus is the abnormal enlargement of the brain cavities caused by a build up of cerebral spinal fluid. This fluid is made and absorbed by the brain and serves to protect and nourish the brain and spinal cord. Untreated, hydrocephalus can result in brain damage or death. Hydrocephalus affects cognitive, social and physical development and abilities in diverse ways.
I’m pleased to say my niece is doing well in school and with regular medical assistance is experiencing childhood to the fullest.
I’m so thankful for her health and happiness and for other children who are also affected, that I’d like to give back.



Each month, I choose a different charity or organisation to support. One of these is to help The Children’s Hospital at Westmead provide the best care possible to sick children and their families.   

You can learn more about Westmead Children’s Hospital by visiting