Married. Now what? The Nuts and Bolts of Name Change and Insurance.

Welcome back after lockdown and restrictions! Weddings are back and so are we! This is a bumper episode with not one, but two great guests!
This episode we speak to the charismatic Wayne Lennan. Wayne is a specialist in advising, creating and servicing Risk Insurance Programmes (Life Insurance, Income Protection, Keyman Insurance, Partnership Protection) for individuals, families and businesses. He is the owner of Insurance for Living located in Newcastle but servicing people Australia wide. Wayne says “I believe that my clients and their families should be able to live with the peace of mind knowing that they will be looked after financially in the event of illness, accident or death. I see myself as their personal financial life saver…”
Wayne can be contacted on 0412494243 or 02 49256125 and email him at
. Visit his website at
We also speak to the fabulous Genevieve Dennis from Easy Name Change. Gen has some interesting stats and information about changing your name and explains how her business helps couples do it… stress free! Did you know the typical bride has an average of 22 organisations to change names with? And most companies require the same repetitive information, completed on various forms, all sent to different addresses? That’s where Easy Name Change comes in!

Easy Name Change are a technology company that streamlines the process of creating custom personalised notifications for over 2,000 organisations around the world. Just select your companies and provide some brief personal information, then they’ll provide customised paperwork ready for you to sign and send. Where the customer doesn’t yet have their new name sorted they also provide the necessary forms and explain the process.

Easy Name Change quickly grew to offer personalised kits in the UK, Canada and New Zealand. In 2012 Easy Name Change launched in the USA. All programming and development is done in house and they employ a team of research assistants to keep global databases up to date.

Geneivieve can be emailed at  and her website is very helpful- visit

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Wine pairs nicely with good friends

Wine pairs nicely with good friends

In this episode, we chat with Julie Newman from award winning business Hunter Valley Tours, who run affordable and accessible tours in the Hunter Valley… and so much more!

We had a few audio technical issues with this episode but persevere- especially if you are planning a pre-wedding event in the Hunter Valley or need transport on your wedding day.

Visit them at
Phone Julie on 0456737888 or email to enquire about booking availabilities and pricing at

Top 10 Ceremony Exit Songs

Top 10 Ceremony Exit Songs

In 2020, one of the most popular and listened to episodes was my 25 entry songs worth considering. So many of you loved the collection of entry songs and reached out wanting a follow up episode of exit songs… so here it is!

Here’s the link to my playlist with all 25 songs-

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Top Five Budget Friendly Wedding Favours (Under $2)

Top Five Budget Friendly Wedding Favours (Under $2)


In this short but sweet episode of the Wedding Wombat, we are exploring options for bonbonierre or wedding favours for the budget conscious bride. Is it possible to have a special little gift for your guests without breaking the budget? My answer is yes!

And each of the Top 5 come in UNDER $2!

Here’s the links mentioned in the show-


A Hidden Gem- Micro Weddings at North Arm Cove

A Hidden Gem- Micro Weddings at North Arm Cove

Hello and welcome to the first episode back in 2021 after a well earned break! So much has happened since we last chatted and we will get into that in today’s show. Plus, we talk with 3 wedding vendors who have joined with me to create something rather special- today’s episode has some big ideas about micro weddings.

We made it 2021 and things look to be improving. Trump is gone and covid 19 seems to be on the decline. Dancing is allowed again and wedding restrictions are being lightened. We still can’t have overseas guests but things are getting easier.

And my news? Well, my book BeLoved has been released and become an Amazon best seller and at the launch party, my long term partner proposed, so now I’m a fiancée too! Ah, the joys of planning, hey?!

Like so many of you, I’m thinking a smaller, more intimate wedding might be the way to go. And today on the Wedding Wombat, we chat with a unique and special venue that has just opened it’s doors for micro weddings and offering packages that include accommodation, photography, celebrant and catering if needed. If you haven’t chosen your venue yet, this episode is going to uncover an absolute gem!

The gorgeous photos were taken by Deb Carr and here is a link to her profile piece about the venue-

Contact Adrienne Francis for details on micro wedding packages-
Phone: 0409985299

The vendors joining together to make your micro wedding special are:

Isabella Francis from Bella Franxis Media. Check out Bella’s work on instagram here:

Amanda Suffell from Eat ME Catering. Visit them on Facebook here:
or at

and Margie McCumstie from Metamorphis Ceremonies. Visit Margie on Facebook at
or at

Celebrating National Celebrants Day!

Celebrating National Celebrants Day!

We celebrated National Celebrant’s Day in the Newcastle are with a fancy breakfast with guest speakers and networking, prizes and lots of fun! It was a great chance to catch up and celebrate our work and passion for what we do after such a hard year.

In this episode, I catch up with a few of my Celebrant friends for a chat and we give advice for couples for their big day! Thanks Fiona, Rhonda and Jeremy- you guys rock!

Today, Tomorrow and Always

Today, Tomorrow and Always

In this episode, we chat with Allison Ockenden from Today, Tomorrow and Always. Allison is a DNA artisan and creates jewellery, wedding rings, memorial objects… and so much more!

Today Tomorrow & Always was officially launched on September 18, 2018 by accredited artisan and mother of four, Allison Ockenden. After experiencing the loss of her fiancé, Allison founded Today Tomorrow & Always in his honour – letting him live on in her heart and hands as she crafts each precious and entirely unique keepsake.

Motivated by her four beautiful children (and one furbaby), Today Tomorrow & Always was created with the vision of helping others celebrate life, love and loss. Cherishing births, relationships and marriages as well as commemorating the life of lost loved ones by creating memories you can hold and admire. ​

Allison’s goal is to create a priceless mementos to represent any memory you have from times throughout your life, because life holds so many precious moments that deserve to be re lived again and again.

Visit their website at
Check them out on Facebook at or join their group at
Here they are on Insta:

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Speeches. The Scariest Part of a Wedding?

Speeches. The Scariest Part of a Wedding?

In this episode, we explore something that scares a lot of people- Public Speaking! Speeches are a part of most wedding receptions, but they can seem pretty scary! They don’t have to be.

Host of the Wedding Wombat, Celebrant and MC, Margie gives some easy to follow tips to make wedding speeches a breeze!

Margie is an award winning Celebrant, MC and Speaker and loves her role, being passionate about celebrating love in meaningful, memorable and magical ways! Contact Margie directly on phone- 0424041212, email – or via Messenger through her facebook page Metamorphis Ceremonies can also be found on Instagram at

Margie McCumstie from Metamorphis Ceremonies hosts The Wedding Wombat

Do We Need A Rehearsal?

Wedding Rehearsals. Are they really necessary?

Well, yes. And no.

In this episode of The Wedding Wombat, we look at rehearsals and help couples work out if they need one or not.

Looking for a unique celebrant who will help you feel relaxed and comfortable so you can enjoy your special day?

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Smash the Patriarchy!

In this episode of The Wedding Wombat, we look at traditions in the lead up to a wedding and whether we need to consider their patriarchal influences. Keep, embrace, question or smash the patriarchy? Your choice- but whatever you choose, this is an important conversation to have and consider.

We mostly focus on heterosexual couples in this episode as same-sex couples already navigate these questions to suit them already, whilst straight couples have tradition and expectation to potentially rebel against or adjust to be real for them!

As always, we love your feedback and reviews. Share this podcast so we can help as many couples planning their big day!

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