Geeky & Gorgeous!

In this episode of The Wedding Wombat, we explore options for unique weddings with a geeky bent! Yes, that’s right if you love Star Wars, Dr Who or a Trekkie, this is the episode for you! Or maybe you love your Joss Whedon or are a fantasy fiend- there is something for every geek in this episode… and if I miss your particular passion, let me know and I’ll include options in a follow up episode.
I share some of my favourite readings and quotes for including in your wedding to add extra personalisation.
As you may know, I’m a celebrant with Metamorphis Ceremonies and I specialise in personalised ceremonies and my favourite compliment after a wedding is “Oh! It was SO THEM!!!!”
Enjoy this episode and contact me if you want me to flick you a copy of any of these readings.
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