Linton Gardens: An Experience to Remember

Welcome back! This new episode of The Wedding Wombat includes a great chat with Charlie and Ashleigh from the amazing Linton Gardens. Linton Gardens has established an excellent reputation for friendly & professional service and value for your wedding on the Central Coast. They have been doing exciting renovations and are having a Bridal Fair to celebrate including a $6000 wedding giveaway! Lots of info and ideas in this episode plus a new segment- Rapturous Readings!

To contact Charlie or Ashleigh from Linton Gardens, call (02) 4372 1444 or email or visit them at 611 Wisemans Ferry Rd, Somersby NSW.

Find them on social media at

Visit the Bridal Fair- here’s the details:

Cost: FREE
Time: 11am- 2pm
Location: Linton Gardens, 611 Wisemans Ferry Rd, Somersby, NSW

Want to chat to Margie about being your Celebrant and MC at Linton Gardens?
Call 0424 041212 or email

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Short Speeches, Big Impact

Short Speeches, Big Impact

On this episode of The Wedding Wombat, we chat with Eddie Rice about his newly released book “Short Speeches, Big Impact” and get the best tips and tricks to help parents, bridal parties and couples navigate the reception speeches with ease!
Grab your pen and paper because this episode is practical and supportive or better yet, grab a copy of Eddie’s book which is a veritable goldmine for anyone giving a toast anywhere- including weddings!

Buy the book here:

Visit Eddie on his site:

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Geeky & Gorgeous!

Geeky & Gorgeous!

In this episode of The Wedding Wombat, we explore options for unique weddings with a geeky bent! Yes, that’s right if you love Star Wars, Dr Who or a Trekkie, this is the episode for you! Or maybe you love your Joss Whedon or are a fantasy fiend- there is something for every geek in this episode… and if I miss your particular passion, let me know and I’ll include options in a follow up episode.
I share some of my favourite readings and quotes for including in your wedding to add extra personalisation.
As you may know, I’m a celebrant with Metamorphis Ceremonies and I specialise in personalised ceremonies and my favourite compliment after a wedding is “Oh! It was SO THEM!!!!”
Enjoy this episode and contact me if you want me to flick you a copy of any of these readings.
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The Relationship Circle

The Relationship Circle

This special Valentine’s episode of the Wedding Wombat is all about relationships. All relationships have times when they are HOT and times when they are NOT… so in this episode, we talk about how to have healthy relationships- even during the wedding planning process and how to make sure your marriage is happy and loving.

Margie McCumstie from Metamorphis Ceremonies talks with Beck Thompson. Beck is an award-winning Dating & Relationship Coach, number 1 international best-selling author and the owner and founder of The Relationship Circle – a no BS relationship coaching that digs deep, gets to the truth and supports you in creating new behaviours and patterns that reenergise and revitalise your relationship as well as create resilience – reconnecting strong bonds that make you feel whole again.
Working with individuals or couples, Beck supports you to uncover the real issues and find strategies to reconnect and build relationship resilience. She can help you find your way to a more loving, compassionate relationship that remains true through any of life’s storms.
Drawing on over 10 years in counselling, social work and life coaching, Beck’s no nonsense, deep approach seeks to understand what’s happening for you and your partner now.   Beck works with you to identify the issues and change behavior patterns for each person in a compassionate and loving way which allows you to find your way back to each other.  With honesty, openness and support, Beck will help you reestablish strong bonds that can endure life’s challenges.

To reach Beck please go to

Ingrid Galloway, Kahyangan

Kahyangan is Heaven for Couples

Ingrid Galloway has been working in the Spa industry since 1999, mainly in 5 star hotels in Sydney, Australia and for her private clients. Her various roles have included spa therapist, manager, trainer and business owner. She loves what she does and often her past clients have praised her for giving them “the best treatment ever”, even though they have experienced many treatments from around the world.

Because of her passion in serving couples, she also became a Relationship Coach in 2009. She now helps stressed and busy women (and couples) to enhance their intimacy, and to look after themselves better. She has a holistic approach and healing touch in looking after her clients. She is also a very good listener, and recommends what clients need in order to maintain their well-being, that makes them receive more than they expect.

Visit: or

Phone: 0413161616


My Wedding Wish

Making Wedding Wishes Come True

In this episode of the Wedding Wombat, we chat with the Founder and CEO of My Wedding Wish, Lynette Maguire. We learn about how My Wedding Wish began and about Lynette’s passion for making wedding wishes come true for couples affected by a terminal illness.

My Wedding Wish is a registered national charity that has been gifting weddings to the terminally ill around Australia since 2013.

Generous My Wedding Wish suppliers and community fundraising efforts are able to ensure that our couples can have a care and burden-free celebration without the stress of organisational challenges, time issues and limiting budgets.

Metamorphis Ceremonies is proud to be a supplier for My Wedding Wish, helping to make wedding wishes come true.

Here’s some ways to contact or learn more about My Wedding Wish and find out how you can help:


Check their Facebook page for updates at

Email Lynette at

Phone Lynette on 0400 595 679

Welcome to the wedding wombat with Margie McCumstie

Welcome to the Wedding Wombat!


Hello everyone and welcome to Episode 1 of the Wedding Wombat!

This week I’m going to introduce myself and then we are going talk about creating the perfect ceremony – because without the ceremony – all you’ve got is the party! I’m going to share my top five tips for making your ceremony special and one both you and your guests will never forget.

The Wedding Wombat is an Australian based wedding podcast to give you ideas, things to consider and interesting perspectives on all things weddings! My name is Margie McCumstie and as a Civil Celebrant and MC with Metamorphis Ceremonies, I love my job and am passionate about celebrating love in meaningful, memorable and magical ways!

Here on the Wedding Wombat, we will sniff out the wedding options, dig out the latest trends, claw at and question traditions to see if they are relevant and burrow down to discover amazing ideas to help you plan your wedding. It really can be fun, real and a true celebration of you and the love you share. So, welcome to the Wedding Wombat- it’s time for us to chat!