Shedding for the Wedding? featuring Stel Coombe-Heath

Shedding for the Wedding?

To shed before you wed…. or not?

This month we discuss the pressure to lose weight to fit a dress on the day and our podcast guest is the fabulous Stel Coombe-Heath from Wholesome Lifestyle Project. Stel is a binge eating and emotional eating recovery specialist and  the #1 authority in helping busy women stop binge eating. She is on a mission to help a million women have a better relationship with food and their body. Stel struggled with a disordered relationship with food and her body for over 13 years, battling two eating disorders, body dysmorphia and emotional eating. She is now passionate about a future where women and young girls are no longer ashamed of their bodies. Stel is a compassionate and resilient woman with an important message to share.
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This month’s Wedding Wombat Wisdom comes from an amazing article by Kelsey Miller called “8 Ways To Be A Body Positive, No-BS Bride”. Here’s the link to read the entire article (it is great)-

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