Here Comes the Bride… 25 entry songs worth considering

In every online wedding forum, someone regularly asks for suggestions for songs to walk down the aisle to. In this episode, I share my list with a mix of popular, traditional, unique and different options. When I came up with this list- and by no means is it definitive, I decided to make sure that each artist could only appear once. Honestly, there were so many incredible songs I could have chosen and I could have easily done a Top 100 and still left great choices out!
As you may have guessed if you are a regular listener, I have a flair for the dramatic and am always happy to help my couples with chorography for walking in to create the best impact in relation to their song of choice.

So, enjoy this “labour of love” episode and let me know if it helps!

Here’s the links to my playlist with all 25 songs-

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Thanks to Braeden Osland for editing the wedding wombat podcast.