Short Speeches, Big Impact

Short Speeches, Big Impact

On this episode of The Wedding Wombat, we chat with Eddie Rice about his newly released book “Short Speeches, Big Impact” and get the best tips and tricks to help parents, bridal parties and couples navigate the reception speeches with ease!
Grab your pen and paper because this episode is practical and supportive or better yet, grab a copy of Eddie’s book which is a veritable goldmine for anyone giving a toast anywhere- including weddings!

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The Relationship Circle

The Relationship Circle

This special Valentine’s episode of the Wedding Wombat is all about relationships. All relationships have times when they are HOT and times when they are NOT… so in this episode, we talk about how to have healthy relationships- even during the wedding planning process and how to make sure your marriage is happy and loving.

Margie McCumstie from Metamorphis Ceremonies talks with Beck Thompson. Beck is an award-winning Dating & Relationship Coach, number 1 international best-selling author and the owner and founder of The Relationship Circle – a no BS relationship coaching that digs deep, gets to the truth and supports you in creating new behaviours and patterns that reenergise and revitalise your relationship as well as create resilience – reconnecting strong bonds that make you feel whole again.
Working with individuals or couples, Beck supports you to uncover the real issues and find strategies to reconnect and build relationship resilience. She can help you find your way to a more loving, compassionate relationship that remains true through any of life’s storms.
Drawing on over 10 years in counselling, social work and life coaching, Beck’s no nonsense, deep approach seeks to understand what’s happening for you and your partner now.   Beck works with you to identify the issues and change behavior patterns for each person in a compassionate and loving way which allows you to find your way back to each other.  With honesty, openness and support, Beck will help you reestablish strong bonds that can endure life’s challenges.

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Shedding for the Wedding? featuring Stel Coombe-Heath

Shedding for the Wedding?

To shed before you wed…. or not?

This month we discuss the pressure to lose weight to fit a dress on the day and our podcast guest is the fabulous Stel Coombe-Heath from Wholesome Lifestyle Project. Stel is a binge eating and emotional eating recovery specialist and  the #1 authority in helping busy women stop binge eating. She is on a mission to help a million women have a better relationship with food and their body. Stel struggled with a disordered relationship with food and her body for over 13 years, battling two eating disorders, body dysmorphia and emotional eating. She is now passionate about a future where women and young girls are no longer ashamed of their bodies. Stel is a compassionate and resilient woman with an important message to share.
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This month’s Wedding Wombat Wisdom comes from an amazing article by Kelsey Miller called “8 Ways To Be A Body Positive, No-BS Bride”. Here’s the link to read the entire article (it is great)-

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Top 10 Ceremony Exit Songs

Top 10 Ceremony Exit Songs

In 2020, one of the most popular and listened to episodes was my 25 entry songs worth considering. So many of you loved the collection of entry songs and reached out wanting a follow up episode of exit songs… so here it is!

Here’s the link to my playlist with all 25 songs-

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Margie McCumstie from Metamorphis Ceremonies hosts The Wedding Wombat

Do We Need A Rehearsal?

Wedding Rehearsals. Are they really necessary?

Well, yes. And no.

In this episode of The Wedding Wombat, we look at rehearsals and help couples work out if they need one or not.

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Smash the Patriarchy!

In this episode of The Wedding Wombat, we look at traditions in the lead up to a wedding and whether we need to consider their patriarchal influences. Keep, embrace, question or smash the patriarchy? Your choice- but whatever you choose, this is an important conversation to have and consider.

We mostly focus on heterosexual couples in this episode as same-sex couples already navigate these questions to suit them already, whilst straight couples have tradition and expectation to potentially rebel against or adjust to be real for them!

As always, we love your feedback and reviews. Share this podcast so we can help as many couples planning their big day!

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To change or not change?

In this episode, we explore the issues surrounding whether you should change or not change your surname. I share an insightful article by Soraya Kishtwari that she wrote for HuffPost. The original article can be read here- and I share TWO Top Fives this episode- the Top 5 Reasons TO change your name and the Top 5 Reasons NOT to change your name. The Wedding Wombat was always designed to challenge stereotypes and question traditions and this episode does just that!

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Covid Couples Catch Up

Welcome friends to another episode of The Wedding Wombat!

I thought in this episode I’d catch you up on how the weddings went for the couples I interviewed about their Coronavirus weddings.

Yes, there was a register for names and yes, there was sanitiser on tap and yes there were elbows of congratulations but there was so much more- and I’m going to tell all- today on The Wedding Wombat.

Find out how Destinee and Ben’s wedding went from Episode 11 and how Cat and Jono fared from Episode 13. I’ll share about Sally and Kiel as well in this episode and give you a flavour of unique individualised ceremonies during these Covid 19 times.

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Jono & Cat Covid-19 Wedding

Why get married during Covid-19?

Who gets married during Covid-19… and why?
We find out in this episode with Cat and Jono who are getting married in June.
Get the latest info on the current restrictions and a fresh take on weddings during this time.

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Denise McCumstie, Margie's Mum

From my Mum to Yours xx

This episode is our special Mother’s Day edition where we talk about being Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom with my Mum! I surprise my Mum with my first visit since Covid-19 changed everything and after we tearfully resisted the desire to wrap each other in a loving cuddle, we got down to chatting about the duties and thoughts about traditions and modern day takes on being the proud Mother. I love my Mum and in this episode I get to share her with you. If you are getting married, this is the perfect episode to recommend to your Mum.