A Hidden Gem- Micro Weddings at North Arm Cove

A Hidden Gem- Micro Weddings at North Arm Cove

Hello and welcome to the first episode back in 2021 after a well earned break! So much has happened since we last chatted and we will get into that in today’s show. Plus, we talk with 3 wedding vendors who have joined with me to create something rather special- today’s episode has some big ideas about micro weddings.

We made it 2021 and things look to be improving. Trump is gone and covid 19 seems to be on the decline. Dancing is allowed again and wedding restrictions are being lightened. We still can’t have overseas guests but things are getting easier.

And my news? Well, my book BeLoved has been released and become an Amazon best seller and at the launch party, my long term partner proposed, so now I’m a fiancée too! Ah, the joys of planning, hey?!

Like so many of you, I’m thinking a smaller, more intimate wedding might be the way to go. And today on the Wedding Wombat, we chat with a unique and special venue that has just opened it’s doors for micro weddings and offering packages that include accommodation, photography, celebrant and catering if needed. If you haven’t chosen your venue yet, this episode is going to uncover an absolute gem!

The gorgeous photos were taken by Deb Carr and here is a link to her profile piece about the venue-

Contact Adrienne Francis for details on micro wedding packages-
Phone: 0409985299

The vendors joining together to make your micro wedding special are:

Isabella Francis from Bella Franxis Media. Check out Bella’s work on instagram here:

Amanda Suffell from Eat ME Catering. Visit them on Facebook here:
or at

and Margie McCumstie from Metamorphis Ceremonies. Visit Margie on Facebook at
or at

Covid Couples Catch Up

Welcome friends to another episode of The Wedding Wombat!

I thought in this episode I’d catch you up on how the weddings went for the couples I interviewed about their Coronavirus weddings.

Yes, there was a register for names and yes, there was sanitiser on tap and yes there were elbows of congratulations but there was so much more- and I’m going to tell all- today on The Wedding Wombat.

Find out how Destinee and Ben’s wedding went from Episode 11 and how Cat and Jono fared from Episode 13. I’ll share about Sally and Kiel as well in this episode and give you a flavour of unique individualised ceremonies during these Covid 19 times.

Contact Leonie from Don’t Blink! Photography via email at or call Leonie directly on 0484607574. The Don’t Blink website is at

Contact Margie directly on phone- 0424041212, email – or via Messenger through the facebook page Metamorphis Ceremonies can also be found on Instagram at

Thanks to Braeden Osland for editing the wedding wombat podcast.

Destinee, Covid 19 Bride

Covid 19 Couple

This episode we meet Destinee who has brought her wedding to Ben forward to be a Covid 19 bride! Before you think she is bonkers, you should listen to this episode to hear about her plans and why they are getting married at the end of May.

If you are tossing up what to do, here is one approach to consider! Destinee and I had a great chat with quite a few giggles along the way- hope you enjoy it too.

If you’d like more information about having a Covid 19 style wedding, I’m happy to chat.

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