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Raunchy or Vanilla… you choose.

In this episode of The Wedding Wombat, we explore another fun idea for a hen’s party- an exploration of sex toys and body care products with the girls at a Pure Romance party with Jessica. Jessie is a fun, understanding woman who puts everyone at ease and helps women feel open to discuss and explore […]

I’m Dreaming of a Psychic Hen’s Night

In this episode of The Wedding Wombat, we chat with Carly Morrison from Psychic Dreaming. Carly is based in Melbourne and offers unique services for special parties- especially when groups of women come together to celebrate. Carly is a gifted Tarot reader, Grand Reiki Master and uses the Singing Bowls and Meditation techniques to give […]

Eat ME: Catering for weddings and parties!

Today we are talking about catering with the fabulous Amanda Suffell from Eat ME Catering. Paella, hen’s parties and so much more- on The Wedding Wombat! The Eat ME team offers basic catering options to the whole kit and kaboodle event planning services. They can create an event your guests will be talking about for […]

Making Wedding Wishes Come True

In this episode of the Wedding Wombat, we chat with the Founder and CEO of My Wedding Wish, Lynette Maguire. We learn about how My Wedding Wish began and about Lynette’s passion for making wedding wishes come true for couples affected by a terminal illness. My Wedding Wish is a registered national charity that has […]

Covid Couples Catch Up

Welcome friends to another episode of The Wedding Wombat! I thought in this episode I’d catch you up on how the weddings went for the couples I interviewed about their Coronavirus weddings. Yes, there was a register for names and yes, there was sanitiser on tap and yes there were elbows of congratulations but there […]

13 Ways to Remember Loved Ones at Weddings

In this episode, we are talking about ways to remember loved ones who have died in meaningful ways on your wedding day. In my work as a Celebrant, this is a conversation I have with lots of my couples as we choose what elements are most meaningful for them. So in this episode, I’m going […]

Pay It Forward

Earlier this year, a remarkable woman named Karen Maree Nelson started a Facebook group called “Pay It Forward Bridal and Sell” and you can visit the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/576971226510192/ The group was created to help those who are affected by financial constraints caused by the recent virus, illness or environmental impact due to natural disaster. […]

Here Comes the Bride… 25 entry songs worth considering

In every online wedding forum, someone regularly asks for suggestions for songs to walk down the aisle to. In this episode, I share my list with a mix of popular, traditional, unique and different options. When I came up with this list- and by no means is it definitive, I decided to make sure that […]

Why get married during Covid-19?

Who gets married during Covid-19… and why? We find out in this episode with Cat and Jono who are getting married in June. Get the latest info on the current restrictions and a fresh take on weddings during this time. If you’d like more information about having a Covid 19 style wedding, I’m happy to […]

From my Mum to Yours xx

This episode is our special Mother’s Day edition where we talk about being Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom with my Mum! I surprise my Mum with my first visit since Covid-19 changed everything and after we tearfully resisted the desire to wrap each other in a loving cuddle, we got down […]